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Adventure – Step Outside Your Box!

March 6th, 2012

Ken and I returned last week from a trip to Florida where we met our Santa Fe friends, Ross LewAllen and Hanne Moller in the Keys. The photo shown here is of Hanne and me on Ross’ sailboat,the Paradox. Ross was our experienced captain as we ventured out onto the waters surrounding Big Pine Key, FL.  Ken, Hanne, and I embraced the adventure of sailing under the beautiful blue skies with minimal wind that day.  Ross as our wise guide.  As you can see by our smiles, it was an exhilarating experience.  Can you remember when you last took an adventure that seduced you out of your routine? When you took a step or two out of the known into the unknown? When you risked the uncertainty of not knowing what to do or how to act? How long ago was that?
You may be a seasoned traveler, explorer, or adventure buff.  If so, bravo!  However, there are many of us who cling to our routines and settle into the boredom of life as usual.  Where do you place yourself on a continuum of being in the flow of the adventure of life with the opposite shore being stuck in the status quo?  There’s always space and time for a new decision.  Despite the resistances that may surface, the possibility of engaging in adventure presents itself daily.  One does not have to travel far and spend an excessive amount of money to engage in an adventure.  Merely, step out of your box…

What is your routine, your comfort zone?  Take some time to think about this question and possibly spend some time journaling or listing what that means for you.  What would a new adventure look like for you?  Would it be a hike in the area near your home, a trip to a museum that you have wanted to explore, attending a new genre of movie at a local theater, cutting your hair into a short style, exploring an unfamiliar & inviting area near where you live and eating at an ethnic restaurant that peaks your interest?  Do you want to “kick it up” another level by mastering a new sport or language, playing a desired instrument, taking up painting, engaging in a new form of dance or recreation, or possibly traveling to an exotic place for exposure to another culture. Any and/or all of these would introduce novelty and adventure into your life!  The brain and its neural pathways thrive on change.  We are hardwired to grow and to expand in this manner. Obviously, our brains are challenged “on the job”, but where’s the fun aspect?  Some individuals and business settings have successfully incorporated fun, passion, and adventure into the work environment.  Only you would know if that is true of your employment.  If the answer is “no”, be creative in your own unique way by adding elements of adventure into your life today.  Given the opportunity to do so, what would that look like for  you?  Be as specific as possible and move into the action phase.  Ideas and brainstorming get the juices going; however, the joy is in bringing them to fruition.

While sailing recently, Ross gave me the opportunity to steer the boat for a half an hour or so.  He instructed me about the effect of the wind on the sail and how to move the tiller to keep the boat on course.  Gratefully, this was not a windy day.  However, I appreciated the opportunity to play with learning a new skill.  The old adage of “don’t let someone take the wind out of your sail” has taken on a more embodied meaning for me following the actual experience of feeling the power of the wind driving the sail.  I’ve taken it on as a new metaphor for my life…sail on!  Is there some new pearl of wisdom waiting to be gleaned from life’s adventures?  Risk it and move out from behind the desk, the routine, the boredom.  Engage with the adventure of life….


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    1. Andy Hamling  |  March 8th, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    What a great post… I recently had an experience of sailing on the ocean…and yes, it was a step out of the box for me. I received a call from a friend who invited me to join him in San Diego to go sailing with his friend, who recently acquired his 41 foot sailboat. And, realizing that I have been in a rut myself, I made the conscious decision to step outside that box and say “YES”!
    It was an amazing day and wonderful to be out on the ocean…and, like you Mary, I got to steer the boat for a short time…and, it was spectacular to see the incredible pelicans and other birdlife as they dove into the water to capture their next meal, or to glide, what seemed like inches above the water in single file…using the bird before it was a windbreaker.
    Taking a step outside my box really gave me a new vision on life, an adjustment on perspective. It provided a glimpse of the possibilities that I can create for me, my life and those I love and hold dear.
    I strongly encourage those who may see themselves in a rut, a pattern, a routine…which may or may not work…to find the next opportunity to step outside the box…and go steer a sailboat, hike the closest mountain or to watch the birds in your backyard….even for ten minutes…to behold to possibilities life can be…
    Thank you Mary for sharing your experience…

    2. admin  |  March 9th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Andy – Thanks for such a descriptive comment of your own experience on the water. Also, for your reflections on stepping outside of the box….very encouraging!
    Gratefully, Ken & Mary

    3. anthony fromhart  |  May 24th, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Mary and Ken, what you are doing is magnificent!

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