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Begin – Bring more organic, green into your life!

November 7th, 2012

"Begin!" In what ways do you connect to the earth? I mean to actually feel your connection to the rhythms and cycles of the earth? When was the last time that you walked barefoot on the grass, the beach, on solid ground, or squished in mud? Or, when was the last time that you waded into a body of water like a lake, a pond, a river, or the ocean allowing your feet to feel the freshness of the water on your toes? In contrast, do you prefer to hike or climb mountains out in the wild expanses of the countryside where your entire body is engaged with God’s good earth? Can you remember the last time that you have gotten your hands dirty by making contact with the soil? Do you garden or possibly grow some of your own fruits and vegetables? Or, are you like me surrounding your living space with houseplants that you water weekly, trim, and transplant when needed? In summary, do you experience some level of “hands on” joining in and personal association to Mother Nature?

If not, are you longing for a way in which to establish some level of experience with nature and her cycles (other than on a yearly vacation or week-end getaway)? Do you find yourself traversing more on concrete walkways than on fresh, lush grass? Are you spending more hours than you would like to in a non-descript cubicle overlooking a parking lot or a crowded array of city buildings? And, what of your living space? Do you have ready access to the out-of-doors with green spaces, parks, and walking trails? Has green been diminished to a mere palette of wall colors, rather than to the multitude of sizes, shapes, and textures associated with the interplay of the variety of seasons, plants, flowers, trees, bushes, seeds, and grasses found here on planet Earth? Does purchasing a bouquet of fresh cut flowers at the market or a token artificial plant for your office or home have to suffice for bringing nature into your personal environment? A symbol or remembrance of an orchid, rose, or sunflower is better than going without, right? Is this the best that it gets?

Can we (I) wish for more? Can we (I) actively dream or hold the intention for more of nature in our collective lives?

How does one move beyond “survival mode” into an organic life in which one’s own rhythm and flow is connected to that of planet Earth? How does one begin? It is actually quite simple – begin! Begin with hope that your action does matter. Your action to bring more organic, green into your life does affect you, others, and our environment.  Ken and I began this Fall by planting a garden off our back deck ( as shown in the photo posted with this article).  More will follow…


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    1. Renee  |  November 7th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Great Questions to consider. I am going to ponder them with my shoes off while tending to my yard.

    2. admin  |  November 7th, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Renee -What a great image of you out in your garden tending to your plants! This article came out of an ongoing discussion that I have engaged in with a sustainable gardener here in Santa Fe. She has been the wise guide to Ken and myself on how to begin our connection to the earth through conscious intention. I am grateful to Susan, to you, and to Robert Mirabal of the Taos Pueblo for leading the way on the value of planting for our collective future as citizens of Mother Earth….Thank you, Mary

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