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    Licensed NeuroPositive Life Coach by the Applied Neuroscience Institute
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    Licensed Independent Social Worker in New Mexico (LISW #08027)
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Woodwolff Design – “Tribal Interior Touches”

January 20th, 2012

This video is exemplary of Ken’s creative genius at work.  All of the wood art that is shown here has been designed and executed by Ken Horst, also known as the Woodwolff.   Just about three years ago, Ken worked primarily as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Health practitioner.  At that time, he synchronistically decided to take a workshop offered by William Kent Larkin, Ph.D. of the Applied NeuroScience Institute on reigniting one’s life passion. What began as a skeptical inquisitive glance into positive psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics slowly transformed into an opportunity for an entirely avenue for self-expression.
As part of his training with ANI, Ken heard that “you cannot create from inside a field of negativity” and  ”the creative act is the first step out of the negative field.”  As Ken and his wife, Mary, trained as Licensed VisioNavigator Life Coaches, they began to increase their levels of positivity and optimism.  Creativity began to flourish within Ken as a concrete step out of the former negative field. Ken is not a negative person; however, newly found reservoirs of positive emotion began to spring forth in both Mary and Ken.  Initially, Ken began “playing” and experimenting in the garage with the medium of wood.  The creative spark was ignited!  He started making his “talking stix” for friends and then branched out into other designs that would come to him in his dream time. As he produced new achievements, these creations were increasingly more admired  and used for reflection by their recipients.  The wood felt good to the touch and helped one to slow down to a quietened space within.  Thus, began the dialogue between the designer and his audience to create meditative and sacred objects that speak interiorly to their owner.

Ken has the intention of working individually with his clients to create their own personal masks, talking “stix”, energy mandalas, wish keepers, and circular feminine “talking peaces”.  This is the part of the creative process that is most meaningful to him.  He will adorn his wood art designs with stones, personal jewelry, or talisman’s uniquely revered by the individual.  Meditation or awakening tools, ritual pieces, and items for one’s personal altar are meant to carry the sacred energy or essence of the owner.  Ken’s personal medicine is to create healing tools for the individual or for the home such as those exemplified in this video.  Ken can be reached by email on this site at: ken@mindbodyvisions.com



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    1. Tanya  |  February 8th, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Lots of wonderful new “peaces” … love my room! :)

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